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****This course is in development.****

****This course is not open to the public yet.****

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The following course is about workplace safety, health and welfare.

Unit 1 and 2 are compulsory, you and/or your employer can decide what additional optional units are relevant to your work.

Compulsory Units

              Unit 1 Your health and safety induction

              Unit 2 Health and safety at work

Optional Units

               Unit 3 Manual handling

               Unit 4 Ergonomics

               Unit 5 Housekeeping

               Unit 6 Chemical safety

               Unit 7 Workplace transport safety

               Unit 8 Noise and machinery

You can self enrol on this course by clicking on the "Enrol me" button.  If you're a teacher, lecturer, employer or manager, you can also register a group to take a course using the Group Manager facility.

OSH Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

A career development module.  This course is aimed at those wishing to find a job or develop their career further by helping them to consider what direction they wish to go in, how to identify opportunities that might be available, and how to apply for positions (CV and interview preparation).  If you are not part of a group taking this course, you can join by registering on this site and then enrolling on this course using the key: 2017selfieA

The purpose of this MOOC on eInvoicing is to: 

  • Enlighten Senior Managers in both the public and private sectors to the benefits of e-Invoicing, 
  • Educate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Personnel in the area of e-Invoicing and the business requirements for the implementation of e-Invoicing in an organisation.
  • Provide an overview of the technical requirements for the implementation of e-Invoicing to IT Management and personnel.

If you wish to take this course you can register on this IT Sligo Free Online Course site and then enrolling on the course using the enrollment key: eInvoice0419

This is an IT Sligo course developed for campus students that has been opened to the public on a pilot basis.  Once you register on this site you can enroll yourself on this course using the enrolment key: First2017